Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review of Will Marry For Food, Sex, and Laundry by Simon Oaks

Simon Oaks has crossed the line and is giving out secrets in the battle of the sexes. In Will Marry For Food, Sex, and Laundry, he tells women what men are looking for in a lasting relationship. He states that men will marry when their basic needs are met, and he defines those as food, sex and someone to care for them.

The book takes a relationship from the first date to a more serious dating relationship to possibly marriage. Along the way, Oaks reveals how men look at various situations common in male/female relationships, and tells how women can use this insight to their advantage when attracting and holding on to the man of their dreams. He lists some of the top reasons why relationships don't work out. He talks about what is appealing to a man, and the reasons why different behaviors will make a man loyal to a woman.

One of my favorite chapters was the one about food, where the author categorizes men into groups such as gourmet, vegetarian and carnivore, and gives menu suggestions for meals for each category. Simon explores the age-old argument about who does more chores and has an interesting insight. If the woman is best at domestic tasks, why not do them? Often a woman doesn't appreciate the tasks that the man performs, as they tend to be less routine. He suggests that the couple exchange tasks for a while to gain a new appreciation of what each brings to the relationship. Another interesting chapter explores the man/mother relationship, and talks about how a woman can replace the mother as the primary woman in his life.

This book is recommended for younger women who are in the dating world and not quite sure what men think or what is appealing to them. Another group that would probably enjoy this book is men themselves, as it gives quite an insight into typical male thought patterns and reactions.

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