Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Murder On The Med by Peter Mayle

It should be a good month for billionaire Francis Pierre.  Of course, most months are good when you're a billionaire and have a gorgeous villa in Marseilles, France.  But Pierre's good friends, Sam Levitt and his fiance, Elena, are coming to visit for a few weeks and he is excited to see his friends.  Pierre plans outings and lots of sumptuous meals to share with them.  But there is a fly in the ointment.

A Russian tycoon, Oleg Nikita, lives on his yacht, sailing around the world and partaking of life's pleasures.  He is used to getting what he wants and unfortunately, he sees Pierre's villa and decides that is what he wants.  Nikita makes an offer for Pierre's home but Pierre isn't interested in selling, His interest now piqued even more, Nikita increases his offer but Pierre stands firm.

Nikita isn't used to the word no.  His past relationships are characterized by him emerging with what he wants and often the other person is left with nothing, sometimes not even his life.  Nikita has no problem with doing whatever it takes to win in every situation.  He decides he will have the villa no matter what and starts to plan Pierre's demise.  Sam, who is a veteran of tricky situations like this, takes matters into hand and starts to plan an intricate intrigue that will stop Nikita.  Will his plan work out to save Pierre and his villa?

Peter Mayle is known for his writing about his life in France and the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  His book, My Year In Provence, was a huge bestseller, staying on the bestseller lists for over three years.  His other novels also highlight the food and culture of his adopted homeland.  He wrote four Sam Levitt novels and readers will delight in a novel that is entertaining and informative.  This book is recommended for readers of thrillers and those interested in the area.

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