Monday, August 21, 2017

My Sister's Grave by Robert Dugoni

Tracy Crosswhite has been waiting for twenty years to get this call.  A grave has been found and all indications are that her sister's body lies within it.  Her sister Sarah disappeared twenty years ago after a shooting competition they both competed in.  Tracy left with her boyfriend to go to dinner and Sarah left in Tracy's truck.  The truck was found on a remote road but no sign of Sarah was ever found.  The entire town searched for weeks with no result.  A man was tried and convicted and has remained in prison for years but he refused to tell anyone where Sarah's body could be found.  Tracy changed her life afterward.  She gave up a career as a teacher to become a police officer and is now a homicide detective.

Tracy doesn't believe that the man in jail for Sarah's murder is the real criminal.  She has investigated the case for years and believes that Edward House was falsely convicted due to his reputation and being an ex-con.  When the body reveals new clues, she is more convinced than ever that she is correct.  At Sarah's funeral, she meets up again with a childhood friend who has returned to their small town and is a lawyer.  Together the two plan a way to free House and start the investigation again to find the real killer.  But plans like this are full of pitfalls and as the case progresses, secrets that have remained hidden for decades start to emerge.  Will Tracy regret her decision?

Robert Dugoni is the author of several popular mystery series.  This novel is the first in the Tracy Crosswhite series.  He has won numerous awards for his work.  His exploration of the fallout from a murder, not only in the family but in the entire town and his twists of the original investigation make this novel a page-turner.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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