Saturday, May 16, 2015

Killer, Come Hither by Louis Begley

Jack Dana is a war hero, a Marine infantry officer who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is severely wounded and spends months in the hospital in recuperation.  While there, he writes a novel based on his experiences.  Out of the hospital, he rejoins his uncle Harry, who raised him.  Harry, who is a partner in an influential Manhattan law firm, uses his connections to get Jack in contact with publishers and his novel is published.  It becomes a huge hit and Jack quickly starts work on a second.  When it is also published and successful, Dana decides it is time for a vacation and heads to the remote areas of South America for several months.

He returns to a shock.  His uncle, Harry, is dead, a suicide.  Jack can't believe it.  Harry had shown no signs of anything wrong when Jack left.  He starts to look into the death and soon comes to believe that it is not suicide.  With the help of two of the firm's other lawyers, his best friend who works for the CIA, and several of Harry's oldest friends, Jack uncovers a plot that reaches across the country and will have major implications when revealed.  By doing so, he brings attention and danger to himself.  Can Jack find justice for Harry without being killed himself?

Louis Begley has written a mystery that shows life among the moneyed and influential.  Dana is a sympathetic character, a hero who is willing to continue to fight for justice.  The reader will be transported to the Cape, Manhattan and South America while the story unfolds.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.

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