Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lost And Found by Brooke Davis

Millie Bird may only be seven years old, but she knows some things.  She knows that kindness takes you farther than meanness.  She knows you judge people by how they treat you, not by how they look.  And she knows about dead things.  She's seen dead bugs, birds and pets and most recently, her dad.

Karl the Touch Typist is eighty-seven.  He's broken out of the nursing home where he was sent and is out on his own, although the police are searching for him.  He used to type love notes on his wife, Evie's skin, but now that she is gone, he types them into the air.  He finds Millie and becomes her champion.

Agatha Pantha is eighty-two and a hermit in her house since her husband, Ron, died seven years ago.  There's nothing that can lure her out of her isolation, not until she notices Millie and realizes she needs a friend.

When Millie's mother decides she needs a new life and leaves Millie behind in a department store, the three unit into a team, determined to reunite Millie with her mother.  Their adventures expose them to interesting people and help them through the grief each feels.

Brooke Davis has written an interesting novel that deals with grief, but not in a heavy manner.  The prose is light and cheery and the reader soon realizes that they are cheering on this unlikely trio.  This book is recommended for those dealing with life changes and readers of literary fiction.

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