Saturday, January 24, 2015

Booksie's Shelves, January 24, 2015

It's been a busy week in reading at the Booksie household.  I'm halfway through the second enormous book in the Song of Fire And Ice series by George R. R. Martin.  Even more exciting, I got a gift certificate to Amazon and picked up some books I've had my eye on.  I got a couple by William Vollmann, who is one of my favorite authors, and the next biography of Michael Jordan.  Add in some new ones sent by publishers and I'm set for the next few weeks.  On Sunday, January 25th, I'm headed with a friend to an author event where a different author comes to your table every ten minutes or so for a meet and greet and Q&A.  We went last year and had a blast so I'm excited to go this year as well.  Here's what's come through the door lately:

1.  The Burgess Boys, Elizabeth Strout, literary fiction, purchased
2.  Last Stories And Other Stories, William Vollmann, anthology, purchased
3.  The Royal Family, William Vollmann, literary fiction, purchased
4.  Throw Like A Woman, Susan Petrone, literary fiction, sent by author
5.  Michael Jordan, The Life, Roland Lazenby, biography, purchased
6.  The Long And Faraway Gone, Lou Berney, mystery, sent by publisher
7.  West Of Sunset, Stewart O'Nan, literary fiction, sent by publisher
8.  Plus One, Christopher Noxon, literary fiction, sent by publisher
9.  Those Rosy Hours At Mazandaran, Marion Grace Woolley, historical fiction, sent by publisher
10.  The Impossible Lives Of Greta Wells, Andrew Sean Greer, literary fiction, Paperbackswap
11.  Black Diamonds, Catherine Bailey, nonfiction, sent by publisher
12.  Crazy Love You, Lisa Unger, mystery, sent by publisher

Here's what I'm currently reading:

1.  The Innovators, Walter Issacson, Kindle
2.  Beautiful Ruins, Jess Walter, paperback
3.  A Clash Of Kings, George R. R. Martin, paperback
4.  The Flamethrowers, Rachel Kushner, Kindle Fire
5.  Barracuda, Christos Tsiolkas, hardback
7.  The Rise And Fall Of Great Powers, Tom Rachman, paperback
8.  The Illusionists, Rosie Thomas, paperback
9.  The Black Country, Alex Grecian, paperback
10.  Mrs. Poe, Lynn Cullen, paperback
11.  Palm Beach Nasty, Tom Turner, paperback
12.  The Orchid Affair, Lauren Willig, hardback
13.  The Killer Next Door, Alex Marwood, paperback
14.  Rescue, Anita Shreve, hardback
15.  Traitor's Blade, Sebastien de Castell, paperback
 16.  The Skeleton Crew, Debrorah Halber, Kindle Fire

Happy Reading!


Kristen said...

Enjoy the Bookmarks Moveable Feast. Maybe one year I'll make it up there for that or you can come down here for ours in October. :-)

Sandie said...

That would be great! We definitely need to meet up sometime. The Moveable Feast was a lot of fun.