Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Blooding Of Jack Absolute by C. C. Humphreys

Jack Absolute fans, rejoice!  Jack is back with all his charm and bravery.  In this novel, we get the back story of Jack and how he came to be the man he is.  It starts with his early years, when he thought he was the bastard son of a second son of the Absolute family; an outcast who was treated badly by the elder son who he lived with.  When his father came into the title instead, Jack finds out that his parents were actually married and he is no bastard.  He is the heir apparent to the Absolute fortune, and moves from being a thick country lad to London, where he is raised as one would expect from his position, with boarding school, trips to the theatre and a gang of friends.

Jack also gets his education in love.  In a pivotal point of his life, he is balancing three women.  Clothilde is the daughter of his French tutor, and he has a pure love for her.  His love for Fanny is sensual but secret as she is the mistress of a powerful man.  Then there is the actress who always has time and a bed for Jack when he needs one.  When Jack becomes the target of both Fanny's protector and his childhood enemy, his luck runs out.  He finds himself in a situation that his father must help him avoid, and afterwards, both of them must leave England.

Jack finds himself in the British army and then quickly sent to the colonies to help in the conquest of Canada.  The enemy are the French and their Indian allies.  Only sixteen, Jack soon is immersed in the business of war, and his blooding is soon accomplished.  After a battle, he is separated, and we then find out how he meets his Mohawk friend, Ate.  They spend a winter together and after that, are brothers of the heart for life.

C.C. Humphries has created a character that is so lovable, so brave and so full of life that it is a delight to read about him.  The history is well-researched, and the reader is transported to another age, where life was cheap and honor was everything.  Jack is that scamp whose charm and well intentions lead one to forgive him any trespass.  This book is recommended for readers of historical fiction and anyone interested in a wonderful read.  It is one of my favorite series and I can't wait to read the next Absolute tale.

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Ben said...

Sounds cool. You can add the first in the series to my Christmas list!