Thursday, May 30, 2013

Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman

Things were kind of slow for Alex Delaware when he gets the call from Milo Sturgis.  A child psychologist, Delaware gave up his formal practice to consult with the Los Angeles Police when they had a case that needed his special skills.  According to Milo, this was such a case.

A new home owner had arranged to have a tree removed before moving in.  When the excavation was completed, a small metal box was found, and inside the box was the skeleton of a baby.  Probably a few months old.  There was no way of determining who the baby was, as the probable age showed that it had been buried around fifty years ago.

Things went from bad to worse.  Within days, a female body was found in a nearby park, along with the bones of another baby.  Horribly, this baby's bones had been cleaned and coated with wax, making them shiny.  Again, no clue who the bodies might belong to.

As Alex and Milo try to unwind the tangled threads of these two incidences, they start to find other things.  Things like several more bodies.  Things like a connection to the power couple of Hollywood.  Things that could ruin the reputation and end the career of those running the investigation.  Can they solve the case before it hurts them?

This is the twenty-eighth Alex Delaware novel Kellerman has written.  Fans of the series will settle back in quickly to the lives of Alex and Milo and the interplay between them.  The fascination of this series is the way that traditional crime investigation and forensic psychology blend together to solve cases that might never be resolved otherwise.  This book is recommended for mystery readers.  Although it is one of a series, the reader could easily start with this one also.  Another excellent outing for Jonathan Kellerman.

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