Friday, March 22, 2013

Lucifer by Annabell Cadiz

Zahara Faraday is your average teenager.  She spends her time hanging out with her best friend, Becca, working out at the gym, giggling over boys and working at the local bookstore.  Just a normal life except for one thing.  Zahara comes from a family of Light Witches, who use their magic powers to combat evil and hunt down rouge supernaturals such as fairies, goblins and Imagoes.  Imagoes can control water and steal human souls.

While any day can bring a battle with one of the supernaturals, a crisis is brewing.  Lucifer has returned, determined to create a Nephilim, a child from the union of an angel and a human, to help in his fight against God.  He has chosen Zahara as the human to create this Nephilim child, and has started a new coven dedicated to kidnapping her and destroying anyone who gets in their way.  Suddenly, every day is fraught with danger as the coven becomes ever more determined to fulfill Lucifer's plan,  Luckily, Zahara has allies also.  There is her parents coven of Light Witches.  Rakesh is a powerful Imago who is working on the side of good.  Then there is Bryan, who Zahara thought was the cute new boy at work.  It turns out that he is an angel sent to battle Lucifer.  Will good or evil prevail in this struggle?

Annabell Cadiz has written a lively supernatural romance sure to appeal to the young adult audience.  The plot and pacing move quickly, and the numerous fight scenes are compelling.  The conflict between good and evil draws the reader on to determine which side will be triumphant.  This book is recommended for the YA audience as well as readers who enjoy the paranormal romance genre.

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