Monday, February 4, 2013

Heart Of Ice by P.J. Parrish

Louis Kincaid is at a crossroads in his life.  He has been making a living as a private investigator in Florida, but that's not where his heart is.  His heart is in Michigan.  Michigan, where he has just discovered that he has a daughter, Lily,  whose life he wants to be involved in.  Michigan, where his former girlfriend lives as do his foster parents.  But he can't be a policeman in Michigan due to being blackballed in a case that went south.  He might be able to become a policeman again in Florida.

But, for now, Kincaid is getting to know his daughter.  He has brought her to one of the scenes of his childhood, Mackinac Island, for a short vacation on which they can become acquainted.  Kincaid turns his back for a second, and his daughter slips away and enters a deserted lodge.  Before he can get to her, he hears her fall.   Luckily, she isn't badly injured, but that doesn't mean all is well.  Lily has fallen into a basement and landed on a heap of bones.

The sheriff on Mackinac isn't used to handling crimes like cold case investigations.  Cold cases are Louis' specialty, and the sheriff asks for his help.  The bones are a young girl's.  Further investigation determines that they are probably twenty years old.  The two men research all the missing girl cases from that time, and one stands out.  Julie Chapman was the daughter of a rich man, and disappeared on New Year's Eve twenty years ago.  Is this Julie, and if so, can Sheriff Flowers and Kincaid discover what happened to her?

This is the latest in the Louis Kincaid mystery series by P.J. Parrish, two sisters who have banded together to collaborate.  Fans of the mystery genre will welcome another novel in the series, and the chance to explore more of Louis Kincaid's personality and history.  The mystery has a satisfying resolution after many twists and turns.  This book is recommended for mystery lovers.

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