Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Little Book Of Bitchy Thoughts by Elizabeth Fairlight

The Little Book Of Bitchy Thoughts by Elizabeth Fairlight is a compendium of sayings to give the reader pause, to make them think.  This is a book to pick up and read when the reader has a few minutes and wants something to reflect on.  The book is organized into topics with thoughts about each category.  Here are a few of my favorites, although it probably says more about me than the book:

On Music
Opera is only vaudeville with attitude

The Arts
Spare design is for the emotionally autistic

On Religion
Most Southerns are Baptists because the Baptist religion allows you to live a life full of sin, but lets your repent on your deathbed.  Many Southerners would never get to heaven otherwise.

On Taxes
Do you know what poor is?  Reaching the age of 40 without knowing when taxes are due.

On Writing
Writers with talent need to avoid reading James Joyce's Ulysses the way a flawless skin needs to avoid smallpox.

On Mountain Climbing
So what?  You climbed up.  You could do that on a ladder and clean your gutters while you're at it.

And my favorite:

On Adulthood
To hell with grace under pressure.  Give me effectiveness under pressure.

This is a fun book, one that can be dipped into when the reader needs a quick life.  This book is recommended for readers that don't take life that seriously and are quick to appreciate humor.

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