Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Flight Up by Susan Fales-Hill

One Flight Up follows four friends as they hit their late thirties and start to question their choices in love.  India is a divorce lawyer who is very successful in her career but has never married.  Her heart was broken when she caught her fiance cheating on her weeks before the wedding.  She has finally started a new relationship with a safe, caring man when her dynamic ex-fiance comes back into the picture, determined to win her back.  Will she choose stability or excitement?

Abby married young and has three children.  She gave up her dreams of being a professor to work in and then run the family art gallery so that her husband can continue his dreams of being a sculptor.  None of her friends like him, regarding him as controlling, but Abby knows nothing else.  She expects her marriage will bump along forever until she picks up a phone message for him that tells her he is cheating.  Now a young teacher is interested in her.  What will she do?

Monique has it all.  A successful ob-gyn, she is married to a very rich and successful businessman.  They live in a mansion and have two gorgeous children.  The only problem?  Her husband ignores her and hasn't slept with her in months.  Will the new guy at work solve her longings?

Esme is a fireball, who explodes into every social situation, taking what she wants with no apologies.  Raised in a wealthy family and the kind of good looks that have men drooling, she has it all, but she's totally bored with her life as a suburban housewife.  She's ready to have some flings just for fun, sure that her husband will never know or leave her.  Is she right?

Susan Fales-Hill has created an interesting mix of characters and situations.  She lays out the constant battle women face between career and love, between safety and excitement, and how different women solve the dilemma.  The reader is swept along in the story, anxiously waiting to see how each women ends up.  This book is recommended for women readers.

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