Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ferral's Deathmarch Army

In Prince Kristian's Honor, Tod Langley gave readers the opening book of an exciting new fantasy series, the Erinia Saga.  Ferral's Deathmarch Army is the second book in the series and lives up to the promise of the first book.

As the book opens, Kristian's army has been defeated and he and only two comrades have survived the battle.  His fiance, Allisia has been captured by the evil sorcerer-king, Ferrell, who swears to make her his own, but only after torturing her to force her to comply.  Kristian flees to regroup, but what is left to do?  Who can supply the men and arms to help him?

Ferrell has raised an army the like of which has never been seen.  His evil powers have allowed him to reanimate the dead and his army is composed of dead men, women, and children.  The dead feel no pain.  They need no supplies.  They never stop fighting; if hit, they rise again.  There is no sophistication in their fighting; it is all brute force, but brute force wins when it is overwhelming in numbers and determination to never stop. 

As Kristin and Mikhal flee to regroup, they are joined by several individuals representing two warring tribes.  Although the tribes are sworn enemies, having fought ruthlessly for a thousand years, there are those in each tribe that recognize that Ferral is their common enemy and if he is not defeated, no one will exist in any land. Kristin is also joined by Cairn, a mysterious swordsman who travels the land, taking revenge for the deaths of his family and love.  Can this ragtag group hope to defeat the powerful Ferral before he destroys anything?

Fantasy readers will be well-advised to read this second book in the Erinia Saga.  Kristin has matured since the first book, and there are interesting back stories and threads that Langley skillfully weaves together to move his story forward.  The pacing is excellent, and the reader finds themselves quickly reimmersed in the saga.  This book is recommended for fantasy readers.

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Anonymous said...

Love this review as it captures the book without giving anything away. Ferral's Death march Army was very intense from the first page to the last. Can't wait for the 3rd novel in this trilogy.