Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cries Of Vampira by Sean Robertson

It is August 15, 1130, a day that will live in the histories of two empires.  The king of the Vampira empire, King George and his brother, Prince Shannon, ride to celebrate the birth of the new Vampira heirs.  Triplets, Prince Koble, Princess Kristin and Princess Kylie, are the hope of the kingdom going forward.

Suddenly, the King and his brother are surrounded by troops of their deadliest enemy, the Grey Wolves, werewolves in human form.  Battle ensues and the end result is deadly.  Both George and Shannon are killed, as are the King and Queen of the Gray Wolves.  Their son, ten year old Gaad Grey, watches his parents killed by King George and vows undying enmity.

Seventeen years later, war still reins.  The triplets are now mature enough to take part in the defense of their land.  Princess Kristin is the foremost assassin in the land, while Princess Kylie works to bring peace between the Vampiras and the Grey Wolves, as she was able to do between the Vampiras and the humans.  Prince Kolbe is still a bit adrift, but a formidable warrior when his attention is engaged. 

News comes to their castle that the wolves have created a massive army, and that it is only hours away from a final assault on the Vampira stronghold.  Their mother, the Queen, makes plans for the defense of their land.  Can she and the triplets ward off the evil that Gaad Grey has planned for years to avenge the deaths of his parents?

Sean Robertson has created a new series.  The Cries of Vampira is the first book in his anticipated saga of the Vampira empire.  The novella creates the characters and lays the plotlines that will be brought to fruition in later books.  Robertson is a fresh new voice in fantasy sci-fi, and readers will want to read the rest of these books after finishing this one. 

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Anonymous said...

I honestly don't see how this got so popular. The preview for this is horrible. Maybe it is just because he's donating part of the money to a good cause?